Pros and Cons of Using the Best Font For Resumes

Choosing the best font for your resume is one of the first steps to crafting a winning cover letter. The best fonts let you feel like you made a very good friend, while the worse fonts are almost like a crazy stranger who will not leave you alone. 

Fortunately, today, you no longer have to settle for the default fonts preloaded by Microsoft Word.

There are thousands of excellent typefaces out there to download for free online. Many of them look surprisingly good, and some of them are even available in fonts designed specifically for web-design purposes.

 When it comes to the best font for your resume, nothing beats free fonts. There’s no question about it.

Font size

One of the main differences between good and great fonts is the font size. 

The best font for your resume will always be printed in a convenient size for the average eyesight. This means that you need to be aiming at a font size that is easy to read, with no jagged edges or other visual distortions. 

To test out your prospective fonts, open up a word processing program and make a cover letter that contains a list of your qualifications. 

Then compare the text in your “normal” fonts to the same letter inside the “best fonts” section.

Serif font

A serif font will allow the eye to follow the letter as it moves across the page.

They are easier to read than something like Times New Roman or Arial, which can cause eye fatigue after several minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding on the best font for your resume is that smaller text will make it easier to skim through.

Remember to keep all of your names and proper spaces intact at all times.

Types of fonts

When it comes down to it, there are basically two types of fonts to use when creating a resume. Your best font for a resume is one that is printed in black.

 If you are not sure what type of black letterhead to use, look at the different styles Times New Roman or Arial. Both Times New Roman and Arial are printed in black. 

The best fonts for resumes, in this case, are Times and Arial. Both are used on the majority of professional resume forms.

The right place to print the fonts

The next thing to consider when trying to choose the best font for your resume is where on the resume it will be printed. 

When you have a choice between two similar fonts, it is often best to choose the one on the left and right. Your best font for a resume would obviously be the letter that appears towards the top and bottom of the page. 

However, if the information on the left is more detailed and important than the information on the right, you may want to choose the resume fonts that are on the right because it will be easier for your readers to read and understand.

Styles of fonts

In terms of style, there are two styles of fonts that people often use when creating resumes. There are classic and modern typestyles.

 The best font for resumes written in the classic style will usually be a San serif typeface with a lighter background and black text. 

The best font for resumes written in the modern style will be either a dark or light font with a white background. These types of fonts are simple, elegant, and professional.

As you can see, deciding on the best font for your resume is a matter of determining the function it serves. First, determine the function you want the document to serve.

 Then look at the pros and cons of each style of font and choose the one that best does the job. Keep these factors in mind when choosing the typeface for your new Roman or Times New Roman.

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