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Kids Loft Beds – Make Your Own For Less

Loft bed plans are not hard to find on the internet or home improvement store catalogues. They are very easy to follow with step-by-step instructions that are simple to follow.

What is even better is that there are many loft bed plans for every design and style you can imagine. So whether your bedroom needs extra storage space, an adult bed, or a fun loft bed with a desk, you are sure to find the perfect plan to build it.

This article will show how to build a loft bed with a desk and bookcase below.

Attaching loft beds

The first step in building a loft bed with a desk and bookcase is to attach the loft bed assembly.

Start with all the hardware first, then attach the two X of the frame using the four corner screws. Keep the topmost piece (the loft bed) and attach it to the frame with the two Xs.

This should now hold the whole assembly together. If it does not hold together well, use some added reinforcement around the edges of the frame using some scrap wood or thin pieces of plywood.

Attach pieces of whiteboard

Next, attach the two pieces of the whiteboard to the frame to make it lighter for easier assembly.

The two pieces of wood should be glued into place before you screw them together. Do not forget the two Xs where the arms are going to go.

 Once you have these in place, you will need to glue a thin piece of white wood next to each X and run a bead of silicone caulk around the board for a seal.

Combo with the desk and bookshelf

The next step in building a loft bed with a desk and bookshelf is to make sure that the ladder goes up to the attic floor.

You can use two pieces of wood (one smaller than the other if possible) to make your ladder. Use a level to make sure that the bottom of the ladder is even.

Use some nails or screws to attach the two pieces of wood. Then attach the loft bed to the ladder just like the way you attached the Xs.

Next, attach the whiteboard to the three points of the loft bed and drill the same holes there when you attached the Xs.

Then attach the other two 1 x 4 boards to the sides. And drill the same holes. Make sure that the holes are even because you are going to want to bolt these down.

After doing this on the other half, attach the top sheet and slide it up inside the bed.

 Then take the two full-size loft bed plans that you made earlier and mark the plans along with the two full-size sheets so that you have something to cut along later.

Using a pencil, mark the top edge of the mattress at one inch per side. This is the bottom of the mattress.

Now measure from the mattress to the top of the under-bed drawer using a tape measure, and measure again from the under-bed drawer to the top of the mattress, using the pencil.

Junior loft bed against the full-size loft bed

Set your junior loft bed with desk and bookshelf up against the full-size loft bed.

Use the nuts and bolts provided with your loft bed plan to attach the junior loft bed plans to the studs in your study loft.

You will want to use two nuts on each side, one on each side of the studs and one across the centre of the studs. Remember to put double-nuts on both sides, and this will help you later on.

These plans should also include instructions on how to assemble the studs and how to fasten down the double-nuts.

Now you’re almost done – it’s time to start assembling.

You’ll need two rip-stop nylon fishing lines, enough nails or screws of varying lengths to attach the shelves, and two putty knives to finish the job.

And that’s all there is to build your own kid’s loft beds!

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